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Partner Yoga

Partner yoga helps build relationships as the yogis share the pose, movements and breath. Each must step outside him/herself to connect with each other and work together. Working with a partner provides balance in a pose while establishing and maintaining proper body alignment. It also allows each yogi to experience the pose in a different way. Here are some amazing benefits of partner yoga.

Benefits Of Partner Yoga

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Strengths the bond

Yogic Kriya is a very spiritual experience and when you perform the Kriya with your partner, it creates a spiritual bond between the couple.

Improves sex life and intimacy

It is important to note that in partner Yoga the breathing, postures and movements are synchronised. This synchronisation improves the communication among the couple which leads to understanding each other’s sexual necessities better.

Adds more trust in relationship

Constructing the poses in a Partner yoga one must rely on the other partner throughout the whole practise, as well as constantly communicating nonverbally. This requires a lot of trust, support, and vulnerability. It ultimately adds more love and trust to the relations

Improve Self-esteem

For teens and young adults, body image and self-esteem are frequently extremely difficult issues. The good news is that a number of recent research have demonstrated benefits of yoga for raising self-esteem.

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