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Yoga Nidra

Learn to relax your mind and body in this Yoga Nidra course. The Yog Nidra is Kriya of sleeping in a conscious state. It is a brilliant method for improving the response rate of body. You are introduced to important teachings of Buddha on the best places in your body to establish mindfulness while learning to develop self-awareness, which is the key to this entire method. Get to know how to retrain your body and mind to quickly identify where you habitually hold nervous tension and then immediately let it all go. Here are three benefits of Yoga Nidra which can give you a better life.

Benefits Of Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra Workshop in Bali
Treat Insomnia

In this stressful life many of us suffer from lack of sleep or disturbed sleep patterns. If you practise Yoga Nidra regularly, you will fall asleep immediately as you lie down on bed. It teaches you a process to control your mind and heart in preparation of deep sleep.

Yoga Nidra Workshop in Bali
Heals Pain

In a state of consciousness, you tend to divert your thoughts to the pain you are feeling be it emotional or physical. In the state of Yog Nidra your mind is trained in a way that you feel relaxed and away from sorrows and pains.

Yoga Nidra Workshop in Bali
Living life to the fullest

With continuous practise you train your mind and heart for a healthy detachment which leads to living and enjoying life in its full form. With time, you will start seeing World with an open mind with detachment that comes with no expectations and ultimately to a happy healthy being.

Yoga Nidra Workshop in Bali
Yoga Nidra Workshop in Bali
Yoga Nidra Workshop in Bali

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