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You need not compromise on your ‘Yoga passion’ simply owing to financial constraints or current unemployment! 

If you are a student or someone with limited financial resources, Bali Yoga Retreats is here to help you. We warmly welcome you to the island of heaven, Bali. If you are interested to join the Yoga Teacher’s Training course in this lovely country, we intend to fulfil your dreams holistically. 

We are offering scholarships to students aspiring to embark on a serious Yoga journey. And of course, we have limited number of seats available. So we encourage such students to apply at least a month in advance for availing these scholarships.

Bali Yoga Retreats provide the best accommodation, healthy food and all the necessary facilities to students. We would be glad to come to your assistance in this regard. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. 

Students who will be offered scholarships are requested to assist the school in whichever way they prefer.

yoga school in Bali

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