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Dance Yoga Teacher Training Course in Bali

Do you want to become a dance yoga teacher? You are in the right place; we provide the best Dance Yoga Teacher Training in Bali to deepen your knowledge of yoga. Dance yoga was introduced to help people enjoy their yoga classes. This unique form of yoga is primarily incorporated from traditional Indian dances called ‘Natya Yoga’ that consists of Bharatanatyam Dance with a combination of yoga postures. Dance Yoga is a compilation of Bhakti, Jnana, Karma, and Raja yoga. It is designed with traditional worshipful practices, where you need to lift your body to a higher state and perform a dance using devotional music and chants. Dance yoga involves 108 skilled movements called ‘Karanas’ and other mudras, pranayamas, and yoga asanas.

Currently, in the Western world, you can find a variety of dance yoga, mostly comprising of Purists of Natya Yoga, to express your service to God. We have qualified trainers who have deep knowledge of Dance yoga and have worked with several students. With our Dance Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, you will get a powerful and joyous training. We have performed training programs for all levels of experience and have helped plenty of yoga teachers improve their skills. Our main objective is to provide creative, fun, and engaging programs for a greater experience. You can boost your teaching skills through our comprehensive dance yoga programs. Our training program format includes synopsis, mudra, music, chant, poem, and warm-up exercises for a better dance yoga execution.

Dance Yoga Teacher Training Course in Bali


Whether you are a professional performer or want to give dance yoga teachings, you can join our Dance Yoga Teacher Training in Bali to learn various yoga practices. Our training programs will help you build a professional career in dance yoga. We have trainers who are well-experienced in different dance yoga methodology. They will refine your skills and boost your confidence to meet your desired goals. You will be provided useful resources that you can use to create a personalized dance yoga form. Our trained professionals will help you with the dance yoga structure of learning and teaching.

You will learn about physical, emotional, and mental approaches and how you can use them in your yoga teaching. Our expert trainers will teach you all the components of song structures and their relation with movement patterns. We make sure you get a safe and enjoyable environment through our Dance Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. Every trainee will receive essential tools upon training completion. With our effective dance yoga programs, you will find unity within yourself.

Dance Yoga Teacher Training Course in Bali

Course Schedule

Course Fee does not include Food & Accommodation

Start Date End Date Avalaibility Price Booking
11 March 2021 19 March 2021 Avalaible $1000
11 April 2021 19 April 2021 Avalaible $1000
11 May 2021 19 May 2021 Avalaible $1000
11 June 2021 19 June 2021 Avalaible $1000
11 July 2021 19 July 2021 Avalaible $1000
11 August 2021 19 August 2021 Avalaible $1000
11 September 2021 19 September 2021 Avalaible $1000
05 October 2021 07 October 2021 Avalaible $1000
11 November 2021 19 November 2021 Avalaible $1000
11 December 2021 19 December 2021 Avalaible $1000
11 January 2022 19 January 2022 Avalaible $1000
11 February 2022 19 February 2022 Avalaible $1000

Accommodation & Food

2-Shared Pavilion - 1800 USD

  • Private terraces
  • Spacious bathrooms with bath tub
  • Free Wifi
  • coffee and tea making facilities
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